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Joseph Smith Sr. and Sonya Smith had been accused by the police as “abusers” within 4 minutes of a 911 call placed frantically in October 2003 as their son lay dying of a fast-acting infection and septic shock. As the “child abuse” seeds were planted throughout the investigation that followed young Josef Smith’s untimely death, the media frenzy began. Since 2003 the media has fed upon the sensational spin of this story involving loving  parents and the tragic turns their lives took that fall of 2003.

Thank you for visiting this site…for you are about to see why – after three years of false accusations and rush to judgments followed by only 7 hours of defense in the courtroom – a jury was left in confusion, leading to undeserved convictions of these innocent parents in 2007. The parents are now in jail.  How is this happening in America?

This website will offer you the whole tragic story of the Smiths and their children - a story that still continues as Joseph and Sonya Smith await decisions on appeals and new trials. The supporters of Joseph and Sonya Smith believe that their innocence will lead to their victory. Please join us in prayer for a just trial where facts are allowed into the courtroom, where a state prosecutor does not object to the truth being presented.  Pray for a day when media does not want to sensationalize and spin a story for money and to sell ads – but instead will present a true story, allowing expert specialists to be heard and assisting in getting these victims set free.

The Smiths did not testify at trial for reasons that you will eventually learn on this website – but this website is dedicated to getting their story out to the public.   As you browse this site, be sure to look at the photos and the video clips that were not allowed nor entered into evidence in the courtroom during the February 2007 trial. They speak volumes about little Josef, especially in the days and weeks leading to his untimely death, and yet the jury was not allowed to view them. Also listen closely to expert testimony offered by some of the top physicians in the nation – even in the world – as they give solid and truthful explanations of the injuries seen on Josef and the devastating infection that took young Josef Smith’s life.

This website will continually be updated with the latest information regarding appeals and possible re-trials, as well as with updated information on the Smith family – from 2003 until present-day. We appreciate your prayers and encouragement for Joseph and Sonya Smith. If you have professional expertise that would help in this case, we would love to hear from you, please email us at info@remnantfellowship.org and we will contact you as soon as possible.

The Smith family has suffered for several years, proclaiming their innocence
 in a frenzy of overzealous prosecutors, rush-to-judgments, and sensationalistic media tabloidism. It is time for the Smiths to be heard. It is time for their healing to begin.


THE ABOVE PICTURES WERE NOT ALLOWED IN THE TRIAL FOR THE JURY TO SEE, INCLUDING PICTURES OF LITTLE JOSEF TAKEN THE NIGHT BEFORE HIS DEATH.  You can see with your own eyes a smiling child who was not abused, but who would soon tragically pass away from the deadly Staph bacteria.

The only pictures the trial jury WERE allowed to see were taken of Little Josef at the hospital, most taken hours after his death. Those photos included blood pooling (liver mortis), dried blood from eczema scabs being opened, marks on his body from the straps from airlifting and transportation from EMT and two hospitals, tape marks, shot marks, in addition to any marks caused by CPR, breathing assistance, and CAT scan work. His body also showed the results of his chronic eczema and the continual scratching he was plagued with. The State didn’t hesitate at all to comment about how bad Josef’s skin appeared, and yet NO SKIN EXPERTS were consulted at any time during Josef’s treatment, nor after his death. In fact, when the Defense called upon the expertise of a highly prominent black Dermatologist, the court did not allow her to use pertinent photographs that would illustrate important points to the jury, nor did they allow her to speak freely about what she calls a MISDIAGNOSIS of little Josef Smith!

Every physician that was consulted – both for the State and Defense — said that the Staph Aureas bacteria is basically a death sentence with an 80% mortality rate in black males.  The information about the Staph infection was on Josef’s charts within one hour of arriving at the hospital…so why does the State continue to insist that death was caused by an outside factor?

How this simple case could get so out of hand is a mystery.

Something just does not add up.  

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