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The Southern Women’s Show – October 2003

Dr. Jayne Dubois testifying at the Smith TrialOn October 4-6, 2003, just days before little Josef’s untimely death, Dr. Jayne Dubois, PhD. in Clinical Psychology with a specialty in domestic violence and abuse with families, directed a booth for weight loss at the Southern Women’s Show in Birmingham, AL. The Smith family attended the show and helped work this weight loss booth, and they stayed in the same hotel as Dr. Dubois in Birmingham. Long-time friends with the Smiths, Dr. Dubois also helped to organize the Fox News media shoot in the Smiths’ home in September (mentioned in a previous article). Dr. Dubois saw the eczema on Josef’s elbows and ankles during their time together, and she saw Sonya putting lotion on each child. The Smiths and Dr. Dubois were together for 10 long hours working at this booth at the Woman’s Show — and Josef was there as well. Dr. Dubois recalls Josef was so outgoing – he would walk around and visit, talking to everyone at the other booths. He was a happy child with no signs of pain…no signs of timidness…and no signs of any other pattern of abused children. Josef was doing better than ever with his behavior during this time. Thousands of people saw this child at the Southern Women’s Show, and no one saw marks on the body or an “abused child.”Dr. Dubois has known the Smiths for years and has even been an overnight guest in their home on occasion. Neglect, child abuse, and murder are the last words she would ever think to describe these loving, caring, outreaching parents who were always in the public eye, with up to 40 people in their home weekly for classes and often attending weekend church functions outside Nashville, TN.

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Fox 5 News Atlanta Visits in September 2003

September 6th and 10th, 2003: The Smiths open up their home for a two-day photo shoot on Friday the 6th from 10:00a.m. to 6:00p.m. and Tuesday the 10th in the evening from 4:00p.m. to 10:00p.m. for FOX NEWS Atlanta. They are filming a segment featuring Sonya Smith and her weekly weight-loss support group and Bible study. A full camera crew, many weight loss testimonies and class members, and many support people are in the home on these days. Little Josef was filmed reading the Bible. The Smith family is seen eating pizza, French fries, and chicken wings, and you see a neat home and a loving family. If these had been the abusive parents that the Prosecution tried to present, they would never have let a film crew in the home in this manner! The Smith family was an evangelistic family, and they had nothing to hide!


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Summer Camp 2003

WATCH THESE VIDEO CLIPS! You will see a family with NO chronic abuse at all….but rather the opposite – parents who involve the whole family to better themselves and to look to God for everything – and a little boy having a great time at camp!

August 1st – 5th, 2003: The whole Smith family attended a church camp where there were 500+ other attendees. The children stayed in separate large cabins with assigned camp counselors. Camp was full of trained professionals, including Paramedics, at least 7 active R.N.s with a combined nursing experience of 100+ years, Pediatric Nurse Practitioners, Dietitians, School Counselors, School Teachers, and even a Fireman – all of whom would be required by law to turn in suspected child abuse at the risk of losing their license. As you see in the video, little Josef is active and energetic, and he has good behavior – nothing out of the ordinary for an 8-year-old boy. He is outgoing, active, and happy as he can be playing ball and dancing. NOTE that even while playing ball – a contact sport – he is participating fully with no signs of pain or discomfort. However, you do note him several times scratching his skin in various places…it is second-nature with his itchy eczema. One of our lifeguards at camp reported supervising Josef in the swimming pool, a pool filled with chlorine. Josef did not show any signs of pain or burning, so while the eczema was present (as seen with the scratching), it was not inflamed or oozing at this point in August. By the way, the lifeguard (as well as other camp participants, counselors, and adults) saw Josef in his swimming suit but saw NOTHING that indicated abuse, trauma, or anything suspicious whatsoever! Camp counselors watched little Josef jumping from bed to bed in his shorts and saw nothing more than what looked liked dark skin with keloids (a skin condition common in darker pigmented skin where scabs and scratches often leave lighter-color scarring). And again – Josef was not reclusive or shy – nothing that fits the description of “battered child syndrome.”


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Joseph Smith’s Summer Camp Testimony in 2003

Click play below to watch a video of Joseph Smith sharing his testimony during a week of church camp in the summer of 2003. Hear Joseph share about his and Sonya’s weight loss, and see oldest son Mykel join him on stage as Joseph shares about what it means to truly love your family.


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2003 Smith Family Baptisms

The entire family is being baptised together in Spring of 2003. The UPPER AND LOWER EXTREMITIES WILL SHOW THAT THERE IS NO REMARKABLE SCABBING OR BRUISING of any one in the family. Josef is so happy. He is jumping and giving big hugs with no sign of pain. The Smith family is delightful, and Joseph Sr. sings “Amazing Grace” and has the voice of an angel.

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Hold On Lonesome

The video below was filmed on the day of Joseph and Sonya Smith’s incarceration. The music and lyrics the video is set to are by Michael Shamblin.

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Joseph and Sonya Smith in Court

The information that you have read today would have moved a jury to vote “not guilty” on all counts. However, in February of 2007, while the jury did not find “premeditated murder,” the Smiths were convicted of manslaughter.

We are going to continue this legal process. We believe that mistakes were made, evidence was left out, and bias from media representation was prevalent before and during the trial. Perhaps facts could not be heard over the emotional appeals that were made by the prosecution. But we are not going to give up until the appellate process is over. We believe that the Smiths are innocent on ALL counts — we have all had much more time to look at all the evidence than the court had. Josef Jr. was diagnosed with the deadly Staph Aureus bacteria in the blood that causes death within 18 hours — case closed. The accurate diagnosis of his skin condition was Chronic Eczema and scratch marks. Quick research into this Staph bacteria lets you know how quickly it can act and how severe it can be.

The Smiths know that they are in God’s hands and that good will come from this. Their faith is an inspiration to all, even though the family is currently separated. Again, the jury simply did not get the full picture of everything that happened, and that is what the appellate process is for.

More articles, video clips, and information regarding the trial process will be coming soon to this website, so please check back often for the latest information…

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After Josef’s Death – Years of Waiting

More articles concerning the time between Josef Smith’s death in October 2003 and the Smith’s trial in February 2007 are coming soon.

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The Last Hours of Josef’s Life – Part II

October 9th, 2003 – 10:00am:
Joseph and Sonya were called at home by a detective and told to arrive at court for a CHILD DEPRIVATION HEARING at 2:00 p.m. that afternoon.

October 9th, 2003 – 2:00pm:
Joseph and Sonya arrive at court, unsure of what was happening. There was no hearing and there was no judge…only the police and child services, who told them that Josef was not doing well, and that they were required now to go to the hospital. The police stipulations regarding the hospital visit were as follows: Joseph and Sonya could look at Josef but could not touch him, and that there would be security personnel in the room. They were also told that the Child Deprivation Hearing would take place in 10 days, and they could not see their other children.

October 9th, 3:00-7:00pm:
Unbeknownst to the parents, all parental rights had been removed, and Josef had been placed into the care and custody of the State. Joseph and Sonya arrived at the hospital and were talked to by a hospital chaplain before being taken to a waiting area, where they were told that they would only be allowed one visit with little Josef. The Social Worker’s notes beginning at 3:30am on the morning of October 9th stated,

  • “RN requested LCSW [licensed clinical social worker] to verify DFCS and Police involvement and custody/visitation arrangements…”
  • “LCSW then spoke [with] Detective Mestre (Cobb County P.D.)…He stated that parents would not be allowed to visit at this time”

  • Mykel, James and Josef SmithJoseph and Sonya had to wait until 5:00pm before they were told which room Josef was in. The hospital was waiting on security personnel. The MSW (Clinical Social Worker) explained to Joseph and Sonya that “per patient’s doctor, the visit is to be brief – approximately 20 minutes – in the presence of MSW, Nurse, & RT with security [present]”. Once security was in place, Joseph and Sonya were told that they could not touch little Josef and that they could not step on the carpet surrounding his bed.

    Josef was hooked up to IVs and medical equipment, and all his parents could see was his forehead, his eyebrows, and his toe under a sheet. Sonya bowed down at the edge of the carpet and prayed. The parents had not been told at this point that their child was suspected to be brain dead. The staff allowed the parents to stay in the room for 20 minutes, and then they were escorted back to the waiting room, where they waited to talk to Dr. Jose (Jo-sey), one of the physicians who attended to Josef. One of the final notes made in the Social Worker’s report on October 9th was that: “MSW notified the House Supervisor and Security that there are no visitation by the parents or any other relatives. Should parents attempt to visit, they should be directed to assigned CPS worker.”

    October 9th, 7:05pm-7:30pm:
    Josef was officially declared brain dead by Dr. Jose at 7:05pm. Sonya was crying and desperately pleading that they please not pull the plug on her son. She then started pleading and begging just to please kiss her boy “good-bye.” The staff would not let her. She saw Josef’s toe outside the cover of the sheets – and pleaded through tears to please just be able to kiss her son’s toe. They would not let her. They turned around and closed the hospital door and curtains. Sonya continued to cry in the hallway, asking the medical personnel again to please not pull the plug on their son and to please, please let her and Joseph just kiss their child good-bye. These parents never signed a release for the plug to be pulled on their son.

    Mykel, James and Josef SmithIt is interesting to note that in the medical reports, the wording states that during the final minutes, the Smiths refused to come see Josef. The fact is that Joseph and Sonya remained in the hallway during these last moments because they could not stand helpless and watch doctors remove their son’s life support without even being able to touch him, speak to him, or kiss him goodbye. Instead, they spent these moments crying and pleading in the hallway for anyone to please stop this procedure. Despite their emotional efforts, at 7:30pm on October 9th, Josef is officially declared dead. A distraught Joseph walked Sonya out of the hospital…the nightmare was continuing.

    Later, the Smiths found out that the State made a decision to not allow little Josef’s brothers – Mykel and James — to attend his funeral. Joseph and Sonya responded by saying that even if the National Guard had to come to the funeral to supervise, PLEASE work it out so that Josef’s brothers could attend the funeral…..but it was not allowed.

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    The Last Hours of Josef’s Life – Part I

    Josef SmithOCTOBER 8, 2003: It is early Wednesday morning, and Little Josef is sick – but no one was aware. On this particular Saturday morning, however, Josef did seem more mischievous than usual. At around 6:00 a.m., he went into the bathroom and smeared toothpaste, Mommy’s lotions, and anything else he could find all over the walls and fixtures in the bathroom, basically trashing it. Seeing the mess, these mild-mannered parents gave Josef another chance — with a warning to behave the rest of the day and help clean up the mess he had created. While many parents would punish such behavior with an immediate spanking, that was not the nature of the Smiths. In this family, spanking was rare and only used as a last resort. This morning, Josef was clearly warned not to cause anymore trouble after the bathroom incident…however, later that morning, he defied his parents and picked on his younger brother and even pulled Sonya’s hair, kicked her, and used curse words at her. Josef had been clearly warned earlier that day, and so after these events, the parents lovingly discipline him with a spanking. During this discipline, Sonya does notice that one of Josef’s eczema scabs had opened up, just under the band of his underwear, and she sees a small drop of blood from the scab. After the spanking, Josef embraces his mother and snuggles with her, promising to behave better.

    A brief history of the Smiths’ eczema — Sonya had eczema growing up, and both Jo and Sonya report treating this skin condition (that has no cure) with Cortaid, Neosporin, and lotion. As is the nature of eczema, the extreme itching and rashes can go in and out of remission. Another way to say this is that it can flare up very quickly, but then it can also go away very quickly. Little Josef had a chronic form of eczema. In the past three weeks, it had really flared up…but Joseph and Sonya were not aware of the severity for several reasons: first, Josef had gotten to the age that he did not want his parents in the bathroom when he took a bath, so they were not able to easily notice his eczema in areas normally covered by clothing. Second, it was autumn, and Josef was starting to wear long pants instead of shorts. Third, it had been a busy few weeks with classes meeting in their home, FOX News doing a feature story about them, and attending the Southern Women’s Show. Sonya had been working with little Josef on trying to get him to stop scratching the eczema patches so much. She had consulted their chiropractor, and he had advised for Sonya to keep Josef’s fingernails clipped.

    Now — continuing on with October 8th: What Joseph and Sonya did not know on this fateful day was that a Staph infection had entered into Josef’s bloodstream, most likely finding its way into the body through the open scratch marks and sores from Josef’s scratching. This bacterial infection was of the type that once set in motion, can prove fatal within hours. One of the early symptoms of this infection is a fever. Sonya had hugged Josef after his spanking, but she did not pick up on the fever at that time.

    The children worked on their home schooling during the midday. Joseph Sr. took his nap at that time since he worked the night shift. Sonya was busy with the baby and working from home for U.S Securities and Associates. The kids enjoyed pizza for lunch. Later in the afternoon, Jo Sr. woke up and Sonya took a nap. Mykel and Josef were doing their own thing – playing around the house and in the playroom. Josef, Mykel and James Smith
    That evening around 6:00 p.m., Josef watched SpongeBob on television with his daddy. The entire family ate dinner of leftovers and snack foods. Josef remarked that he had a stomachache, and Joseph Sr. noted brown urine when Josef used the bathroom while his dad was also in the bathroom. The brown urine was a sign that the kidneys were now breaking down, and the acid/base balance was off. His dad didn’t realize this fact, however, and Little Josef flushed quickly, just as Big Jo noticed the urine color. Big Jo decided to watch this to see if it reoccurred later in the evening.

    At 9:00 p.m., Jo Sr. called the family together to watch their church service broadcast over the Internet. Little Josef was quiet during the service.

    At 10:00 p.m., during the closing prayer of this nationwide church service broadcast, the family got on their knees to pray and little Josef began making strange noises during the prayer. They paid no attention to this, because it was not unusual for Josef to have a hard time sitting still during services, especially at prayer-time. At the end of the prayer, the family rose to their feet, but Josef did not get up; in fact, he looked to be having a seizure. Sonya screamed and big Jo bent over his son to see what was wrong. He noticed that Josef was burning with fever. Joseph quickly carried little Josef outside, hoping the fresh cool air would revive him.
    At 10:06 p.m., Sonya called 911. Joseph knew CPR, and he started CPR with Josef on the kitchen floor while Mykel stood by his mom to comfort her, for she was appropriately distraught. Everyone was crying and praying and waiting for the medics to come.
    At 10:11 p.m., the ambulance arrived at the Smith home. When trying to tell the paramedics what had happened, Sonya reported a seizure-like episode using the word “fit” and “foaming at the mouth” to the paramedics. Police arrived on the scene. Joseph humbly asked permission to ride with the medics as they loaded Josef on the ambulance; they told him he could ride in the front seat, but not in the back with his son. Sonya stayed back with the other two children. The medics wrote, “patient intubated” on their notes, indicating no concern for a head injury, for they did not even put on a C-brace. Josef was intubated and CPR was resumed by paramedics. Epinephrine was given twice to get his heart going. They strapped Josef in for the ambulance ride and took off. Jo Sr. later described it as a very rough ride – hitting bumps and being warned by the driver to “hold on.”

    Upon his arrival at the Cobb County Hospital Emergency Room, little Josef was displaying various symptoms that were indicative of Septic Shock – a very serious medical condition causing such effects as multiple organ failure and death, and it occurs in response to infection and sepsis. All of the doctors familiar with Josef’s case agreed that there is a high mortality rate with this type of condition.

    One of the key elements for the diagnosis of Septic Shock that needed to be found, however, was evidence of infection, determined through a positive blood culture. The medical staff drew numerous amounts of blood for lab tests – blood gases, enzyme levels, and cultures. The blood results were returned inside 60 minutes and the results came back Gram positive for Coagulase-Negative Staphylococcus in Josef’s blood, which means there was enough bacteria in his blood to show up immediately under a microscope at the time of the test–they did not even have to wait on a culture to grow. His blood tests also revealed a white blood cell count of 21.5 thou/uL – the normal count is between 3.4 and 9.5. Josef’s white blood cell count was 4 to 5 times higher than the normal levels. Unlike what many were led to believe during the course of the trial, this is an incredibly high count. The white blood cell count is clear evidence that there was a severe infection throughout Josef’s body. Other test results on the same lab work only served to confirm the above conclusion.

    Josef’s blood enzyme levels showed that he was in a state of “Metabolic Acidosis“which, coupled with other indicators, were symptoms that pointed to his body entering the state of septic shock. As mentioned above, this is a state in which the body goes into shock and begins to shut down. The doctors noted Josef’s skin condition – but immediately called it “markings.” All state doctors testified during the trial that Josef’s skin was the “worst they had ever seen” but none – NOT ONE – called in a skin specialist to see Josef.

    Medical personnel were able to get Josef’s fever down to 102.5 F. It had obviously been much higher. A “CAT” scan was done to see if he had a head injury and the result of the scan indicated there was no bleeding, no hemorrhage, no concussion, and no skull fracture. Additional CAT scans were done of Josef’s head, abdomen, chest, and pelvis and they all came back showing “no signs of acute and internal hemorrhage nor significant injury” – which rules out any theory of chronic and acute abuse. Medical personnel did administer antibiotics to Josef, but by now they had been told this was a case of child abuse, and they became so focused on that theory that the state’s doctors missed a very important window of opportunity to treat Josef’s infection that progressed to septic shock. In addition to the general antibiotics, Dr. Tejedorsojo stated that an IV of Dopamine was also started (for blood pressure) because they didn’t see the desired response from the epinephrine and IV fluids. Dobutamine was also administered according to their notes.

    During this time of treatment in the Emergency Room, Big Jo was not allowed in the room with his son. He anxiously waited outside, hoping to hear word about little Josef’s condition.

    In the meantime, the child was being re-strapped down to be airlifted to Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital – without Big Jo. Upon his arrival at Scottish Rite, Josef was presenting with the following symptoms (per Dr. Keyes):

  • Hypotension – low blood pressure
  • Shock
  • Respiratory failure
  • Hypothermia
  • Metabolic acidosis
  • Fever
  • Little Josef entered Intensive care and continued with an IV line still in place, as well as assisted breathing (which had been continuously administered since his pick up by the ambulance at home). On medical reports and during the trial, Dr. Tejedorsojo reported that Josef had a very high fever on entering the hospital and the staph infection was evident in the blood. This counteracts some reports that perhaps Josef became infected with Staph bacteria while at the WellStar Hospital earlier that evening; it could not have become that prevalent throughout Josef’s body that quickly.

    James and Josef SmithBy 1:00 a.m. on October 9th, the rush to judgment continued. Instead of being allowed to go with his son who was fighting this life-threatening and fast-acting illness, Big Jo is escorted by police to the Crimes Against Children Unit of the Cobb County Police Department. Sonya had also been transported from their home to the Crimes Against Children Unit, while their other boys, Mykel and James, were taken into custody by the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS). Every family member was placed into a separate room to be interrogated. They were interrogated by the police department for two long, grueling hours on that first night, all while wondering what was happening to little Josef. They all tried their best to cooperate and answer the confusing, circular questions from the detectives…all while trying to hold in the growing concern and emotion over little Josef. The fact is, they were sealing their fates – Joseph and Sonya has already been assumed guilty of child abuse by the police department, and the interrogations were only a way to get words from both of them in order to fill in the blanks.
    Jo and Sonya were law-abiding citizens and had never been interrogated before. They were unaware that they did not have to stay at the police station or talk to the police. They were only trying to cooperate to help figure out what happened to Josef; they had no idea of what was truly happening. The police are trained in crime investigation and it is their job to find crime…they are not doctors or skin specialists. And yet they had already assumed the absolute worst and were putting that theory into motion.

    Joseph and Sonya were extremely emotional and worried – about Josef, about the other boys, and about one another, for they had no idea what was going on with everyone. The one person who might not be as hysterical would be their 13-year-old son Mykel. That night, Mykel told interrogators that Josef had received some bruising on his head from running into a banister in the home; he also reported that his parents had not seen that incident happen. In addition, in the separate and individual interrogations, all three (Joseph, Sonya, and Mykel) reported throughout their interviews that Josef had been wet with sweat, was burning with fever, and had collapsed during the prayer and did not get up.

    Josef SmithFor those of you who are familiar with the trial evidence, it is very important to note here that at NO time during any of these interrogations – Mykel’s or otherwise – was there ever a story of a “box” – there was NEVER a BOX mentioned! Likewise, with the home immediately secured as soon as the paramedics and police arrived, there was never any mention of any medical or police personnel seeing or noting any type of “box” on any of their reports or eyewitness accounts.

    The night of October 8th-October 9th would be the last that these loving parents would see any of their children…one was on the brink of death; James, the 2-year-old baby, was taken away, and Mykel was taken away. In a two-hour period during the night, Joseph and Sonya would lose all three children and not see them again for over three years.

    During her late night interrogation, Sonya could hear baby James crying in another room down the hall, but she was not allowed to attend to him, comfort him, or even see him. Continually in their separate interviews, both Joseph and Sonya asked for news about little Josef to see how he was doing…they were given no answers. After two hours of this, the parents were released to return home – but they were warned by police to stay away from the hospital, and they were informed that James and Mykel had been removed from them by DFACS without a Court Hearing.

    Joseph and Sonya returned to their home alone…only to find that their house had been searched by the police and everything was turned upside down. The house was a mess. All the drawers were out of the chests, things were thrown on the floor. The police had even gone through the garbage.

    They were worried sick about Josef, they were still in shock about Mykel and James, and now their house had been virtually ransacked. But there was more to come…

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    The Night Before Josef Passed Away – October 7, 2003

    Josef and the mothAgain: The Prosecution was resistant to allowing these pictures into trial. They did not want the Jury to see these photographs…

    October 7th, 2003 – Tuesday night: This was a typical day for the Smiths. Big Jo and little Josef were out raking the yard. Sonya was cleaning the house to prepare for company – she had a weight loss Support Group coming over. She had now lost 150 pounds and Joseph Sr. had lost 80 and they were reaching out to others who were struggling with their own weight on weeknights/weekdays and Saturday mornings. This particular fall, Sonya had people in her home every day EXCEPT Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. At least 40 individuals from the community were in their home each week representing several professions, including an attorney. The boys loved having the company each week and interacted with everyone.
    Josef, Mikel and James

    On the afternoon of October 7th, Sonya took some pictures of the boys. Josef was on the porch and became tickled that a moth kept landing behind him on the wall. The other boys tried to get the moth to land by them, but it only wanted to be near Josef – he was so pleased to get his photo made with the moth!

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