How Can I Help?

· Pray – Please pray for God’s continued guidance and strengthening of the Smith family during this time separated from one another.

· Encourage the Smiths – If you would like to write a note of encouragement to Joseph and/or Sonya, you can send it to: Joseph Smith or Sonya Smith, c/o Remnant Fellowship International, 308 Seaboard Lane Franklin, TN 37067. We will make sure that your letter reaches the Smiths!

· Spread the word – Share with others who might be interested in this story and this situation. Help share the truth and speak for the Smiths at this time when they are unable to speak for themselves.

– Share your expertiseIf you  have professional expertise that would help in this case, we would love to hear  from you.  You can call our office at 615-771-1212 or email us at